Revolutionary New Vex IQ Motor Sharing Technology!

Hello! Some of you might know me from my youtube channel, Riley Markley.

What I have been most known for in the VEX IQ circles is my motor sharing and robot complexity, and I have finally decided to share exactly how to have twin direction switching ratchet mechanisms in vex iq!

Essentially this mechanism means you can have mechanisms that only need to spin in one direction, (such as some flywheels, purple dispenser mechanisms in slapshot, catapults, punchers, and much more) share their power when spinning in the other direction. This means that instead of having 2 one direction mechanisms each powered by one motor, you can have double the power on each mechanism by using these ratchets, or, alternativeley, save a motor!

The following two videos are the robot reveal and explanation of the robot that is famous for the usage of these, with one of the first ever 3 motor mechanisms in vex IQ.




Very cool use of capped shafts and motor shafts!