Rex hosts gateway

dose anyone have any pics or videos from the competition that was played today i would like to see how the game was played and the new robot designs

I wonder how this event went as well. What did they do for the field? The Vex Gateway field kit is not available for order until mid/late June.

They were able to get fields promised to them from VEX from what I heard. We had two full fields. Ran Skills during lunch and 8 matches for the 21(?) teams that were there. I’ll post video later – unfortunately none of the super exciting Finals – my iPod ran out of space. D: But I do have video, and the tournament went really well! Big success for the first tournament of the season!


C’mon post the video soon…

Found first video of Gateway:

First match, first tournament, and half the robots could score pretty well. Nice job, robot builders!

Who won the tournament, excellence award, etc.?

24C won the Excellence Award.
24B, 24C, and 5588A won Tournament Champion(s). (It was 5588A’s first tournament ever.)
Also 24B won both the Robot and Programming Skills Challenges.


When are you planning to post the videos you have recorded?

Trying to upload them to YouTube right now – all the videos are either upside-down or sideways… working on flipping them… :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome Cool Thanks :smiley:

First video has been uploaded. Quality is still bad – it’s processing. :stuck_out_tongue:


congrats on your win jordan!
the intake roller could have been calibrated better (in auto)
but other than that, you have a GREAT robot this early in the season!

what was the drivers and programming skills scores?

Thank you! As for the Rollers in autonomous, yes I set them up wrong and for the entire match the elastic was being pulled around a bend, which was bad. That was why they didn’t fall at the beginning of autonomous, which caused the game objects I (illegally) Match Loaded into the robot fall out immediately. From then on I was very careful to make sure that the elastic was set up correctly, such that it would not happen again. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again for the compliments! We were pretty happy with it, but it better be improved a lot, or we switch to a new design. Knowing me anyone would say that I’d want the new design, and that’s pretty much right. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the winning robot, 24B? 24B got a 17 in Robot Skills and a 3 I believe in Programming Skills.


Second video:
Third video: [


Thanks so much for uploading these videos, really appreciate it, because nowhere near us can get any field elements yet =/.

No problem! Happy to be giving people something to feast their eyes on, haha. :stuck_out_tongue: I remember how excited I was back in Clean Sweep with the early New Zealand tournament. (Not quite this early, but July was early back then. :P) Round Up didn’t really have many videos posted early, from what I remember.

Sorry to hear you guys can’t get your field elements! We’re just waiting for the entire field kit to come out. Right now we’ve just got one of each game object, haha. Being at this early tournament really helped out with those type of things though, and being to have a field there to run on and compete against other teams and everything should really help with the design process throughout.


did those come in the welcome kit this year?

Aperture didnt get any :frowning:

  • Andrew

We dont even have that much XD. Were using mini soccer balls for balls and 6 inch PVC pipe pieces for barrels, lol.

If I’m able to video the New Zealand tournaments (when they finally start XD) I will post them on Youtube and put a link on the forums. My camera is broken atm though, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to video it.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure they did. And I guess they have a shortage of game objects or something, that’s weird. Probably the same reason that the field kits’ availability was delayed a little.


Im also in New Zealand and we’ve just had our first scrimmage delayed as we have no game sets here yet. I can’t wait until they arrive.

Nice robot 24c, it looks a bit like some of the clean sweep robots we had here in New Zealand. Will you guys be coming to the Robotics World Cup in October?

Also, are there any more vids of gateway matches? If so, that would be awesome.

  • George