Rise Above Online Scoring Confusion, 2 field merge


Simple confusion, how is this scored with the new rules?


Noah, we know what you will say. no offense


This is problematic.

Note: Each Goal may only contain up to three (3) Scored Risers, up to one (1) Base Riser and (2)
Stacked Risers. (page 8 of the Rise Above manual)

Speedy boi.

For all intents and purposes, you can picture the two Teams’ fields being stacked on top of each other
and scored as one “Alliance field”. For example, if Team A has scored one of the three Risers needed for
a Completed Row, and Team B has scored the other two, then this would be considered a valid Completed Row for the Alliance.
From top of page 34.

Note: Each Goal may only contain up to three (3) Scored Risers, up to one (1) Base Riser and (2)
Stacked Risers.
From bottom of page eight.

It seems to me like you cant score more than one base riser in a Goal, and since the fields are merged, that counts as one goal.


At the bottom of page 34 below in your photo, is says

Figure 22: This is not a valid completed stack

That’s not what we’re wondering about. We’re wondering if a riser in one spot on the field would combine the score with another riser on the same spot on the field.


No it would not. At least I don’t think so if I understand the rules correctly. That photo is not a valid completed stack.

By my understanding, it would count as a Completed Row, since all the Goals in the Row contain a uniform color Riser. There are 5 total Risers scored, plus the 3 point bonus for the Completed Row, so this would be scored as 8 points.

The rule in the screenshot above is stating that the Completed Stack must meet the defined criteria on one field, but the Completed Row can be split between the two fields.

As shown here

Take my opinion with a grain of salt though, I’m not on the GDC. Feel free to verify on the Official Q&A.


That’s right, not yet…


Where is the offical Q&A

It’s here.

You can also find a link to the Q&A in rule G19 on page 15 of the game manual, among many other places.