Robot C pid speed control

How can I use the built in pid speed control option with robot c and the vex quadrature encoders? I want to be able to regulate the speed of the wheels regardless of battery voltages. When I enable the pid setting through the motors and sensors setup and run the code as usual, the motors with pid control turned on do not move but in the debugger window it says that the motors are getting 60 power which is what the robot is programmed to do. Can someone please help me to use the pid control in robot c to regulate motor speed? thanks in advance!

This is most likely the cause of the issues you are running into; the PID controls built into ROBOTC are looking for a closed-loop system and require the Integrated Motor Encoders (IME’s) to be used. Because of this, the PID control will not work with Quadrature Encoders.

However, you can write a custom PID algorithm for the quadrature encoders for your specific drivetrain/encoder configuration. James Pearman has an excellent thread on this topic that I highly recommend taking a look at, found at the link below.