Robot Carrying Cart Survey

Just a spinoff of the thread for battery chargers, but I’d like to see what you teams do for transporting your 20-ton robots (and accessories, if applicable) to and from pit areas during large events like VEX Worlds. I’m planning to make carts for my team this year, so I wanna get some insight into those things.

I use the power of humans lol…I carry my robot back and forth from the field by hand as does all of my sister teams…although I have been debating investing in a cart to save my arms lol.

But thats why we have extra slaves err teammates :wink:

Human labor

Local competitions do not normally have a walk. But for worlds, these are popular:

Only $45! The trick is getting it on a plane.

Vexu team GOAT successfully flew an entire vex field to worlds so I think a cart will be fine.

We used this at worlds… It compacts down really small for transport and has three tiers for batteries and tools or what ever… It worked really well for us.

I like the fabric red wagons. They have swivel wheels in the front, room for an 18*18 robot and one of those Plano tackle boxes I love. The wagon folds to make it easy to store/ship. There is an external cover that goes over it to protect the fabric and keep the rails from getting caught when it’s in the folded position.

Mine is red, but they come in about 8 different colors. I think I paid $60 for mine.

We use these . Handy, light, and folds up small.

We either run on human labor or, when we have some extra space, we squeeze in a wooden cart that we made a little while ago, it has a mobile charging station, all of our tools, part shelves and space for carrying our robot and bags.

I will post a picture of it a little later. :slight_smile: