Robot Desing software for VEX IQ

Is there someone who is able to sugest me about the best robot design software for VEX IQ, i already read about vex assembler but i dont find where to download it.


The VEX Assembler links seem to go to a 404 page, that product may be unavailable.

The option they typically recommend is SnapCad, which you can download here:

We had our 4th - 5th graders work with it during summer camp this year, they loved it. It seemed easy for them to pick up and understand.

You can also try LDCad for VEX,, little more involved to set up, but much more powerful. I’ve got few 4th graders work well in that.
It even allows scripting animations of the models (that’s much more involved, uses Lua as the scripting language, but my 8th grader still managed to get it working by following guides on youtube).

Robot Mesh offers a (free) alternative, which combines the ability to build a VEX IQ robot online with the ability to use Blockly or Python to program and test the robot onscreen (without building the real robot). Since the development environment was designed to build VEX IQ robots, it lacks some CAD features, but it also “knows” things like “sensors and motors connect to ports on the IQ Brain.” Learn about it in these videos:

The first video is linked below, the second is here: (the VEX IQ Forum seems to permit only one link per post).

To try it yourself, you can go to, click on “Create a New Project” choosing “VEX IQ Mimic” as the target, and “Blockly” as the language. You can also name your project.

We are releasing a new version of the Mimic Editor shortly that adds drag-and-drop parts and other changes to make it easier to build robots online. The new release will also support VEX EDR in addition to VEX IQ.

Thank you so much