Robot expansion

In Over Under, can we expand the robot?

The answer is in the game manual, but I shall answer your question.

Starting with: 18” by 18” by 18”

Afterwards: vertical=18”, horizontal=36”, height=no limit


“Robots may expand, but no horizontal dimension may exceed 36” (914.4 mm) at any point during the Match.”


yes, but only up to 36in. if you want more info you can read the manual


Read the manual next time, but yes

36 inches horizontally, no vertical height limit.

I have not seen this posted yet, but be careful how you interpret the expansion limit.

As it is written, a full size robot cannot expand out a full 18" as some horizontal dimension would now exceed 36". The rule specifically uses the language “no horizontal dimension may exceed 36.” It does not make the legal size a rectangular 36"x18"x18" volume.

Maybe this will help visualize it.


This post seems to be the definitive explanation on the matter.


That does indeed seem to cover it. I added the circle to my diagram at the last second and didn’t think it through enough… good catch.

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