Robot Falling Off the Ramp and Alliances' Interactions

When is the drivers legally able to touch the robot while it is falling off the ramp? Note: In all cases, the driver quickly place the controller on the ground.

  1. Can the driver catch their robot as it falls before it hits the ground?
  2. Can the driver grab a tilting robot before it actually falls, if they believe it will fall?
  3. Can the alliance team catch, or move out of the way, a falling or fallen robot that is not theirs? (The teams gave the okay before the match.)

On that note: Can the alliance teams help each other during a match?
If so, does both team controllers need to be placed on the ground?
Or can the non-driving alliance team member help the** other **robot while their robot is still in motion?

No, none of these situations are legal. <G6> details these situations.