Robot in 3 Days Teams #59990Z and #26982E

This is the second annual Robot in 3 Days collaborative event between teams #59990Z and #26982E!

Instead of making a single robot together, we decided to make the ideal alliance for this game.

#59990Z focused on making a robot that can make quick stacks, with the possibility of scoring in towers. Their strategy for a match would to spend the first minute making 2 stacks of 5 cubes in the wider goal, and then play defense for the remainder of the match, helping with towers if needed.

#26982E focused on making a robot that could stack quite tall, with the ability to contest towers of any height at a very quick pace. Their strategy for a match would be to make a 10 tall stack in the smaller goal as fast as possible, then switch to capping towers.

Big shout out to #59990Z for once again hosting this awesome event!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


This robot was designed very well. I appreciate all the people that are posting these early season reveals as they provide lots of insight for those that don’t yet have their field parts and haven’t begun designing. Thanks!


They are both nice designs, thanks for sharing them.

59990Z robot probably would drop some cubes during a match if there isn’t a dedicated stop. Also I don’t know if the robot’s holder starts diagonally to fit in 18x18x18, because if it doesn’t it should and probably could hold a couple more cubes. The mechanism to move the holder up and down could be greatly improved through the use of differential powered by the drive motors. This would free up a motor and make the mechanism stronger/faster.



Thanks for the kind words! There is a dedicated stop to keep the cubes from falling out, but it’s rather small, and hard to see in the video. We could have used a differential to power the cube hopper, but wanted to keep it simple for RI3D.


These are both wonderful robots! Thanks for the Ri3D!

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Nice work! Outside of the video, did you experience any problems with dropping cubes, or misaligning in towers?


I love the designs and thank you for sharing them also what is the middle omni in the back used for on 26982E

The 59990z bot is really cool, definetly an interesting use of the concept of back loading. Did you guys ever try rollers on it?

When the robots in 3 days are better than your robot in 8 weeks. Nice job, guys!


I couldn’t tell from the video, is there one motor or two on the backloader for the 59990Z bot? if there is one am I missing something or are there only 7 motors on the bot?

The biggest issue both of us experienced had to do with the cubes being extremely slippery. This can be a blessing and a curse for aligning/stacking.

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You are correct, their robot had only 7 motors.

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If you go to about 2:08 in the video you can see that its probably an anti-tip wheel.

Do the cubes just slide away from the polycarb stopper in the back or is there a passive mechanism to let go of them?

really cool bots! I like

Actually, that is a powered wheel. That robot had a 5 motor drive, and there is not many good ways to distribute the power of an odd number of motors among an even number of wheels. A 7 wheel 5 motor drive accomplishes this well.

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Just out of curiosity, how long are the arms on the DR4B lift? It would really save a lot of time and money if I didn’t have to go through trial and error to get a the right arm size. (No I’m not hole counting your lift to try and replicate it, I just want a reference as to how long the arms should be).

The cubes just slide away from the polycarb as we back away.

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While your story isn’t that convincing :wink: , the arms are about 25 long a piece.


I Like the Robot :+1: :sunglasses:

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