Robot in 3 Days Teaser

Hey everyone,

We’ve had a lot of requests to do RI3D again this season. Along with Cameron and myself, there are some new members to the Ri3D team this year. Team 7700R is participating this season and hosting us for the duration of the project.

New RI3D members:
Josef Kirkman (7700R)
DJ Lesh (62)
Jonathan Damico (62)
Miles Agus (62)

A full reveal is coming soon, but for now:


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.26.25 PM.png
Puts on forums anyways
Live Dangerous.

It’s not at Cam’s house this year :frowning:

I see a pronged intake, mounted on some manner of catapult.

Looks like a catapult bot with a 4 bar off the back lever of the catapult for hanging.

When do we get to see the robot?
I can’t wait for the first full reveal of the season!

Play at .25 speed :stuck_out_tongue:
Would love to see that arm up close, looks pretty interesting.

We are on day three currently, so we will post pictures at the end of today. The video will need to be filmed and edited so there is no definitive date for that.

Can’t wait to see this!


Where was this filmed? Based on the cars driving by and the proximity to the road this seems like a commercial property. (Silly question I know, just curious…I would have preferred to build while on my couch , haha)

Edit: Just noticed it says… “something Club” on the window. Roboteers Club?

On 6/22/16, at 3:22 PM, Jonathan Damico wrote:

school, but ri3d is at rolling robots glendale

Introducing the Ri3D for VEX Starstruck:




You used a very similar concept to what you told us when you came over to Jeremy’s house, if not the exact same. Could you post a video of it working? I’d love to see this in action.

When the catapult launches, does the hanging mechanism also contract? It looks like that from the pictures; but I’m not quite sure.

Thank you for posting this, and this looks amazing!


Very cool idea!
Will it be able to hang during autonomous?
Can it score cubes quickly?

How would this robot get the stars that are on the wall?


What material is used for a catapult stopper?

Looks like cut up green vex tires.

Very cool. Can’t wait to see the video. Thanks for creating this resource!

Yeah, sadly we didn’t do it in my garage this year. However, the venue that we used this year, Rolling Robots, was even better than my house, having at least double the space.

Two layers of cut up 4" high traction tires. They work really well for us.

The video is still being edited, and should be up soon!

We are still editing the video and are working to upload it as soon as possible.