Robot Mesh Python (and Blockly) for VEX IQ release [Free online programming]

Introducing the release 1.0 of Robot Mesh Python for VEX IQ. This is our free online programming tool using the Python language on the VEX IQ.


  • Python programming uses a clean syntax and is easy to learn while having powerful features such as classes, threads, data structures (including tuples, lists and dictionaries). API reference is online here.
  • Online editor requires only the installation of a small browser plug-in to connect to the VEX IQ controller. See Setup Instructions.
  • Projects are stored in the cloud at so can be accessed from anywhere. Users can have many projects and can organize into folders (so teams and classes can also be productive online).
  • Blockly graphical project type available which uses scratch-like blocks for easy visual programming. These blocks generate python code which can be immediately viewed and exported into its own project.
  • Joystick Wizard project type allows actions to be hooked up to the joystick controls to quickly create a driver-control program.
  • Auto-detect and see sensor values while programming.
  • Support for Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers on Windows.
Coming soon:
  • Videos, tutorial and curriculum.
  • Mac OS X browser support.
  • Offline software version so Python can be used away from the internet. Offline version will not be free, and will be for Windows PC initially.
Our hope in developing this solution is that it brings a free, powerful, high-level language choice to VEX IQ programmers everywhere enabling new and exciting driver controlled and autonomous solutions.

I welcome your questions and feedback here in the forums, on our forums at or by email to


Anthony and the team at Robot Mesh.