Robot Mesh Python for Raspberry pi

There are several options for programming the VEX Cortex such as ROBOTC, EasyC, Flowol, PROS, ConVEX, and Robot Mesh’s Python IDE. All of these options are great and some of the free. however none of them that can be used to program the cortex that work on computer running on ARM prossecers such as Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi/Pro, BeagleBone Black etc. Robot Mesh might make there IDE work on such computers if there is enough interest.

so is anyone else interested?

So I reread you post and now I’m not sure what you are asking.

  1. Do you want to use the RasPi to develop code for the cortex? ie. run an IDE like ROBOTC on the RasPi?
  2. Do you want to develop code for the RasPi? If so, what’s wrong with all the existing options?

I had assumed 1 when I posted originally.

ConVEX could probably be used on an arm based system, don’t forget the processor in the cortex is a type of arm chip so we are cross compiling for that anyway. My stm32 flash loader could also probably be compiled to run under linux on one of the mentioned boards.

But why would you want to do that anyway? It’s not exactly convenient to move around the big mess of parts and wires that make up a RasPi system.

What I want to write code for the cortex on the Raspberry Pi. It can be made to be very portable using this. Also it would mean I could program on my nexus 7 that can dual boot android and ubuntu. I’ll also have to try ConVEX once I get a Banana Pro (like the RPI but more powerful and less known).