Robot Mesh Question

I was wondering if there is anyway that me and my team could share CADs to each other AND combine them into one CAD. (Basically everyone on the team makes a part/system can we combine them into one CAD)

I had this problem earlier too. The only thing I found to work was make all the creations public and share the links with each other. Then, one person could just copy the subsystems into a single project and assemble it there.


No, unfortunately. As MannanG says, you can create a copy of a project, but you can’t merge changes back upstream. There is no support for multi-user editing, and no plans to add it in the near future.

Robot Mesh Virtual Academy, coming soon, will allow you to swap out the arena environment, but this will not enable combining robot assemblies.

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@Allies, Are you asking if there is a way to combine multiple RobotMesh mimics into a single project? Or are you asking about CAD in general, not related to RobotMesh Studio?

Hmmm…yeah, I just tried it today and I couldn’t copy anything from one project to another. I remember the time I was referring to was a while ago and we were using a super sketchy desktop with multiple monitors. I think we did a really weird thing and were able to transfer parts between two mimics open at the same time, but I’m not sure.

How do you use pneumatics in v5

  1. Please create a new topic.
  2. The docs are your friend
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Combine them in Robot mesh