Robot Mesh Studio (Oct 2019 update)

We’ve just released our latest update to the online Robot Mesh Studio programming software. Use for free at

One-page Design
No more loading web pages to switch projects.

VEX IQ Mimic Support for C++ and Blockly/Python API B

Upgraded Blockly with new features

  • Shadow Blocks: When you drag blocks onto the workspace which have string or number sub-blocks these blocks can now be replaced by variable blocks without first removing the string/number literal blocks.
  • Add workspace comments “Post Its” (top option in the context menu)
  • Unattached blocks are now disabled. If blocks are added to the workspace and aren’t attached to the blocks forming part of the program they’re disabled and aren’t included in the program.

Look for further updates over the next few months!

Best Regards, Anthony


Unfortunately, since the update my kids can’t either search to find their student user name or scroll down to find it in the classroom. If their user name is in the list displayed on the screen they can still sign in normally otherwise they have no way to access their account.

Thank you for the bug report. We’ve fixed it now.

The Robosource mimic is extremely convenient and easy to use, but I would absolutely LOVE it if the mimic can also include spacers, washers, HS axles and bearing flats, HS gears, and 1x1 L-Channels. Its not a major issue or anything but it’s definitely something I believe would be very useful for those who wish to create more detailed CAD’s.

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