Robot moving slowly

I was practicing our driving for the competition and our robot has been working fine, but all our motors suddenly started moving slow. We checked the battery and tried going directly from the brain to the motor and they worked fine then, but when we tried to go through the controller it moves slow. Any ideas?

This is most likely a motor overheating issue. Give the robot 5-10 minutes and the bot will probably be back up to full speed.


This is most likely motor overheating issue but if it is not then check out your code or change the wires.

As 9MotorGang said, you likely have an overheating issue.
To add to that, check your context of the situation.
Did they start moving slowly after prolonged use or just when you started a session of driving?
If the first is true, just let it cool down, as 9MotorGang said.
If the motors started going slowly after only a little bit of time, overheating is likely still the issue, but you might want to consider trying to remove weight from the robot(if it’s too heavy, they overheat fast), making sure your motors are all in good condition, and make sure you aren’t overworking them(even if your robot doesn’t weight too much, you might want to check the gear ratios).
Those are all issues we had on our last robot, so I hope it helps.

Maybe burned out motors?