Robot Revenge

Well my current 9791c WalshBot team did not make it past the finalist stage for Online Challenge. However, for VRC teams I do think their video had a little bit of fun as they did a mash up between VRC and RECF Aerial Drones (RAD) challenge.

Who will win, Turning Point robot vs RAD drone? Watch and judge:

Thank you RECF for late season Online Challenges during a pandemic. This was an energizer for the team who worked virtually for most of the year, and only last month were able to work in-person to bring this video together!

Kudos to all those who submitted entries for these online challenges - in the Repurpose Challenge I was rooting (or crowing) for the chicken feeder entry! Check them all out:


  • no RAD drones were harmed in video production
  • all four shots from VRC robot were performed by 97191C alums using their Turning Point robot with NbN foam balls - each shot hit the mark and took out drone