RobotMesh Studio and IQ with iPad

Looking to transition from Modkit to RMS for IQ. I see the Robotmesh Connect app, but can you connect via BlueTooth to the IQ brain like Modkit?

It used to work for iPad, but some update either on our end or Apple’s end broke it. I don’t have an ETA on a fix right now.

OK. We went to RMS for our 30+ VRC teams last year. Would like to transition all of our IQ teams this year. Since we are a month away from school starting, you likely won’t have that working by then, right? We should find an alternative?

BTW, how did the RMS Connect app connect to the IQ brain? in Modkit there was an option to put the brain “ID”. I don’t see anything like that in the RMS Connect app (which appears to be just a browser).

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Does anyone know if VEXcode IQ supports the iPad?


VEXcode IQ Blocks for iPad will be release towards the end of this week. It will be available on the App Store at no cost.


Has there been any update on this? Our students do not have computers. They have school issued iPads, and we would like them to be able to use RMS for both coding and download to V5/EDR. This was last updated 15 months ago. Hopefully something has changed?