Rope Out of Size Question

For our endgame expansion mechanism we were thinking to use a rope to hold it down and just detach on side of the rope so that the mechanism could release, though we realized that though it is in size at the beginning of the match, and in size at full expansion of the robot, after the rope is detached for the endgame expansion mechanism the rope becomes out of size at full expansion. So, our question was since the rope only detaches in the expansion zone, is it still legal?

You’ve posted in IQ… if IQ, you need to use IQ-legal rope (Winch and Rope Pack - VEX Robotics) and you need to not completely detach the rope, but keep at least one end attached to the bot, and expand only when you’re touching the expansion zone.

If you actually talking about VRC, then see today’s threads regarding string and the newly released rule update.


Piling on here with the assumption that it is VIQ we are talking about. You need to look at the rules around touching two or more contact zones at the endgame.


Yes, this is IQ, sorry for the confusion, thank you both for the answers.