Rubber Band Brand Suggestions

Our current bot uses bands to help the tray pop up, but we’ve noticed that the brand that we’re using is very cheap as the bands are constantly snapping. Are there any low cost band brands that y’all would recommend? (We mainly use size #64’s)


Well it also depends on how new the bands are so the best working bands probly are the new bands but the oy place to get better quality is the vex store

I’ve been using alliance rubber bands for two years and have had zero complaints or issues with them. They also come in a fabulous shade of blue, Amazon Link

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Thanks @AperatureLabs and @HamiltonnE. I’ll check those out.

Just make sure that they are either size #32 or #64.


Will do.

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“VEX brand rubber bands” are Alliance non-latex; you can get a 1lb box (“approximately 380 rubber bands”) for under $5 on Amazon here.


We buy uline rubber bands In bulk and they work really well