Rubber band rollers vs flaps

Are rubber band rollers more effective than flaps for this years game. Ik that there are lots of topics about this, but I can’t quite find a clear answer (in @Xenon27’s case flaps and elastics (or some kind of foam) are used). Some teams only use flaps, and some only elastics. Some of the balls fall on top of the intakes and I cant get them out unless I shake the robot.

If your intakes are fixed to the body of the robot, which I don’t recommend, you can still get it to work by using flaps. Flaps will flex around the shape of the Change Up balls.

But a better way to do intakes is to make them flex in and out with elastics. Then you can do either flaps or use rubber bands covered intakes like 97963A, 95E, or 2775J.

Unless flaps that you have are new, flexible, and grip really well, I would do rubber bands, because you have more ways to tune how they grip with amount and kind of rubber bands that you use.


As long as you are referring to intakes and not indexers, I would say flaps for simplicity and the fact that they are perfectly fast when tuned correctly. This is debatable for days and people probably will so I’d just say look at both options and build both yourself. If you think one is much better than the other, try to improve it as much as possible. There are probably people on either side.

definitely rubber band rollers. the balls this year are really hard so rubber band rollers allow for really nice compression. Now you might be asking, “don’t flaps also offer good compression?” well rubber band’s also look really cool


Well I am doing both. In the front I am doing flaps and the back I am doing rubber bands or rubber chain. I haven’t been able to build it or test it because I have only got to have 2 practices because school has been closed. But it kind of just depends. I would just swap out and test to see what works for your robot.

for intakes I use well spaced flaps on the outer rollers for quick descoring and fielding, and sprockets with chain wrapped with antislip and rubber bands for the back roller for traction. All the back rollers are for is to feed the ball into the indexer, so you don’t need to worry about the range on it like you do with the front ones.

I think flaps are probably the best, but rubber band rollers work decent if you do them right.


We used rubber band wheel intake in our reveal video but later I found flaps would be a better choice. If you do the flaps right it should provide the same, if not more compression than the rubber band wheels. Also flaps give you a bigger intake zone than rubber band wheels, which is pretty important in this game. Also rubber band wheels may have problem intaking the balls right against the goal, but flaps don’t.

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Because as they said the fielding ability is useless on the back roller. I am doing a similar type to theirs also. China roller basically. Flaps are better than most other options and simpler in the front. Band covered rollers are best in the back. There is a gap between which allows the intakes to go around the goal posts and pull out balls.



Ethan, what are you doing? Why are you trying to take my statement out of context? I repeat, with added emphasis so nobody misunderstands:

The front and back are in fact two different places.

I may have misunderstood you, but :flushed: doesn’t exactly convey a clear message next to those quoted bits except that they are out of context.