RVW Winners Anounced Date

So if you’re on robot events and you click on the thumbnail for the RVW Programming Skills challenge, it takes you to the RobotC page for the challenge. Here, I says that the winners will be announced “Early March”, but if you go on the CS-STEM page, it says that they will be announced on January 19th. Which one is correct? Also, the registration deadlines did not match, but I know for a fact that the system accepted submissions until the date on CS-STEM. What is the correct date that winners will be announced? Looking back I probably should have posted this far sooner than today :confused:

Apologies for the confusion, all Online Challenges, even external ones like RVW, are on the same timelines, so Winners will be announced on March 1, 2018 at 6:00PM Central, as it says on the Online Challenges home page and the RobotC page. We’re correcting the CS-STEM page to match. Thanks for the catch!