SCIENCE division reveals

For the convenience of team scouting, and to give teams a head start, I’ve created this thread for all SCIENCE division teams to post your reveals in.

I encourage teams who are in other divisions to create a similar thread for their respective division!

If you’re a science division team, feel free to post info on your team/bot, or a reveal below :slight_smile:

So excited to be a part of the science division! Looks like there are a lot of strong teams here, and it’ll be fun to compete with and against them!

For anyone who did not catch our reveal video, here it is.

Our robot is mostly specialized in cube efficiency, but we do have skyrise building capabilities as well. Since our 2 cube intake is passive, this means that our robot is that much more reliable because there is no chance for an electrical failure happening to our needle. Both of our intakes are passive, and we’re using 8 motors total on our robot, 4 on the lift and 4 on the drivetrain.

Ideally, we would ally with a strong, reliable, and efficient Skyrise building robot, while we take care of the posts.

You can also check out our website for further details: [

I also realized that we are the ONLY team from Florida in this division.

I Look forward to meeting you all in person!](

944B reveal

2V Reveal

Although I don’t yet have a video worked out (and am unsure if we will end up releasing one) I thought I’d share a small bit about our bot.

2560e has completely changed over the course of the season. We began with a chainbar swinging skyrise arm and a one cube capacity (see:

We then switched to a 2 cube capacity needle, with no skyrise arm.

We now have:
6 motor lift (geared to fast) with 21:1 gearing
4 motor in-line omni base
3 cube passive needle

Our current autonomous routine scores 10 points on the cube side. The additional cube that our needle has over traditional Needles allows for very quick scoring of pyramid and normal cubes.

Our needle also has 2 stages allowing us to score cubes on individual posts if we choose, instead of all cubes being scored on one post.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!!

Reveal for 1200C and 1200F. 1200F is competing the science division. 1200C is competing in the math division.

Feel free to ask questions!

We are also in the Science division

We just posted our full reveal. Also, here is a link to the reveal video. Feel free to ask questions.

See you at Worlds!

reveal for 1900

reverse double six bar
1:15 4 motor lift
1:1 direct torque drive
motor claw
two cube plunger intake with accurate release mechanism