Science Fair Robot Ideas

So every year in my district the PTA puts on a Science and Technology Fair; this year though they scheduled it after the date we ship our robot out to Anaheim. The robotics team always does a display were we let the kids drive around our robots but this year we are going to have to improvise.

I guess the real question is: Does anyone have any really cool smaller robot examples that we can build so the kids have something to try out this year? Not to mention it wouldn’t hurt any of us to try a few new things!


The projects in this guide were meant to be built with the original $300 “Starter Kit”, and don’t use many parts. Plus, there are step-by-step instructions, so it should only take an hour or 2 per project. Enjoy the fair!

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Thanks for the link. The last project in that guide gave me the idea of tank treads, something I have never really had the time to try, so I definitely am going to do something along those lines.

Thanks again.

a quick project that i did over the summer was building a holonomic robot that was just a square of aluminum with omni wheels attached to motors in the center of each side. It was quick to build and it amazed kids at our schools club fair. It is cool looking and can move in odd ways so it grabs attention. It also does not use too many parts.

Thanks for the idea. I think I might build a ping pong ball launcher with tank treads and an example of a holonomic drive configuration. That way I can talk about gear ratios with the former and axis of motion with the latter. Not that anyone will understand what I am talking about but it will make the team look good! haha :smiley:

Thanks for your input!

For demonstrations we typically make really simple robots that can pick up the footballs and balls from Clean Sweep, and have the kids play the Classroom Game. You put the base on one controller, the lift on the other. It gets 4 kids playing at once.

Don’t forget to have information with you for the parents/teachers.

That is how we did it last year, two controllers for each robot. I think though that it might be a good idea this year to put together a pamphlet on robotics and robotics club.

It was the cutest thing last year, I was explaining Robotics Club to a parent while her child was playing with the robot and later in the expo the parent came back and told me that once they left the child looked at her and told her it was his goal to: “When he is old enough to join Robotics Club.”