Scouting App for iPhone!

Hello all,

I’m Bogdan Vitoc from 2616D and I’ve just launched Vex Scouter, an iPhone app that makes scouting easier. It lets you quickly take notes of other robots and keep them on your phone.

The app is free, and I’m hoping it will help at least some teams keep their scouting more organized.

Feature suggestions are very much welcome, so if you have any please email me at . The same goes for bug reports if you find any glitches.

I’ve got a number of improvements planned out:

  1. Make it faster, faster, faster
  2. Make categories disappear if they are not modified.
  3. Add ability to select gear ratios.
  4. Alliance planning
  5. Suggestions from you!

I’ll try to push these as soon as time permits, but I might gain some additional motivation from your feedback.

Thank you!

P.S: If the app crashes at startup (unlikely) delete and reinstall.
P.S.S: A problem may arise if the photo gallery for a robot is loaded with too many pictures, so I’d suggest keeping the quantity low.
Screenshot 2014.02.06 11.24.44.jpg

Space reserved for future updates

Android? Amazon? Any plans?

This looks Amazing!

When can we look forward to an Android release?:smiley:

Makes me want to buy an iPhone.

You should look into making this so that scouting information network between devices. At the moment, I would have to give my phone to someone, have them go scout, and bring it back to me. It would be easier if they could scout, and the information automatically appears on my phone.

Not sure what the best way to do this is. We used an account system in the one we put together last year, but from what I understand it was rather difficult to implement. Maybe have it so that people bring a router and set up a server they just connect to? I know some FRC teams do that.

Unfortunately, VEX Forum doesn’t work like that. :frowning:
You won’t be able to edit that in the future.

I’ll give you the source code for VEX Tournament Viewer if you give me yours so we could create a unified scouting app for both Android and iPhone :smiley:

Thanks for the responses guys!

I wasn’t planning on making an Android version, but if there is still a demand once I perfect the Apple version I will consider learning Android or getting a friend to help.

I plan on working on the app over the summer for the new game and that will be among the most important projects. I think I can actually try implementing a custom account system using facebook/twitter to log in. It could be very cool. Thanks.

Oh, ooops. I remember seeing that somewhere, oh well.

I shall contact you.

I’ve found some bugs. I will be fixing them over the weekend and an update will probably come out early next week.

Very nice! When you say your adding alliance stuff, do you mean adding a list of teams you want to pick in a tournament? you could rank teams in order of the order you want to pick them for alliance selection and when they get picked, you tap on them and they dissapear from your list? that could be cool!

I like the autonomous section alot. instead of having the “offensive defensive” selection, could you make it so that you click the offensive button and use the scroll bar things to show how good you are offensively with bucky balls but when you click defensive, you can show how good the team is when defensively handling scoring objects? for example my team is weak on large balls offensively (scoring them) but with a launcher, we are VERY good with large ball defensive moves. This could help give people a better idea of what type of team they are up against.

Just my 2 cents. (or 5 now that the pennies are non-existent in canada!)

Looking great Deus Vex! Can’t wait for future updates!

UGHHHHHHH Need to get it available without iOS 7! :stuck_out_tongue: :mad:

Looks great, I am having a problem with it though. I’m only trying to add my own team to it, but when I press done both times it does not appear in the list. I chose four precious photos to put in it. When I added a team as team “1” with no info it works, but if I try to edit that to be my team with info and pics it doesn’t change from team 1.

+1 on that. I had the same issue. I tried typing my team in but it did not appear on the team list. If that could be fixed though, this would be fantastic for competitions.

Anyways, as a few more ideas, if you could have the overall team breakdown with the best team on top, that would be cool. I think that’s what you have now? However, if you could also break it down to where it’s like, all teams with high hang, that would be invaluable for alliance selections. Simply checking a few boxes to limit the search results for a specific thing out of the total list would be very useful.

I’m not sure if that is already in the app or if it’s coming but that would be a cool idea that I know I would use a lot.

Thanks so much for this though! I’ve been hoping for something on iOS as our whole team has iPhones. Good luck this year.

Yep! It will let you easily rank teams based on the tournament you are in. (It might even pull in data from RobotEvents…:cool:)

Ok, so you’re saying that I should make it so you can grade a robot on BOTH offensive and defensive effectiveness right? Will do.

Unfortunately iOS 7 does not support some of the features of my app and if I were to try supporting it I would sacrifice both functionality and time. Sorry.

That problem is number one on my todo list today. I’ll try to solve it ASAP. There are certain fields which when data is inputed previous data is deleted. So far I think the only affected fields are drive type, bump, and hanging, but there might be more. So you can still use it with limited functionality until the update is released.

This app only supports iOS 7, Could you make it aviable to iOS 6.1.5 ? that would be great! I love it already just by the screenshots!

Looks really neat!

Would it be possible to make accounts on the app so you can share data with other devices too? My team has multiple scouts and it would be nice if they could collaborate while using this app. It would also be useful for the drive team to check out how their opponents/alliances are if the scouts are busy somewhere else.


I just launched an important update! It a critical issue with saving data, so I’d really recommend getting it (iOS 7 should auto-update anyways).

Thanks for the love so far!


Sadly that is not possible :frowning:

Soon… :D**

My phone hasn’t updated it yet (iOS 7), nor does it give me an option to.

Mine didn’t seem to have the option either. I just checked the app and it still seems to be having the same problem which I am assumming means it didn’t get auto updated but it isn’t on the App Store to update either. Should we delete it and re download it?