Scuffed Mario thingy I made

I made Mario physics (with ground, goombas, etc.) in vexcode v5 pro, just thought I’d share it out to others. It has a rather slow fps and bugs but i’m proud of it.
(nintendo pls no sue) (83.2 KB)


Could you make one for viqc?

Great stuff, just tried it out and works great!

The resolution of the IQ screen wouldn’t really work for this. You could make other types of games work well on a IQ screen though.

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Even the new gen2 screens?

This is pretty cool.

gen 2 screens have 160 x 104 pixel usable area, V5 is 480 x 240.

This red rectangle shows the size of the IQ generation 2 screen wrt V5. It could be done, but all game objects would need scaling down a lot.




Most things are upscaled by 2, as the base sprite is a 2D color array,
With a 160 x 104 screen, it would be 10 tiles wide by 7.5 tiles height, so it would be possible.

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Wow, @sicherdoodle did one on his teams brain.

we don’t talk about that.