Searching for events in a specific city

I’m not surten but I think I might have found a bug. When I go to I get the first page of data with a total amount of pages of 31. But when I then move to the next page I now have 970 pages. What I believe is happening is my search quarry is being removed. The search in URL one only shows events for the current season. But when moving to the next page the search is lost and it now shows all seasons events.

Query string parameters in web requests are separated by &. The ? indicates the beginning of the query string and there should only be one in a URL, typically.

According to the API, you should be using: to get the first page (for Change Up season, the ID is 139). The response I get is:

  "meta": {
    "current_page": 1,
    "first_page_url": "",
    "from": 1,
    "last_page": 31,
    "last_page_url": "",
    "next_page_url": "",
    "path": "",
    "per_page": 15,
    "prev_page_url": null,
    "to": 15,
    "total": 457

And the next_page_url returned above works as expected for me (e.g.