Seesaw flywheel

Hi, I was wondering how to make the “seesaw” flywheel mechanism from the Asia -Pacific Magikid Competition. I am referring to the tray that goes up and down on the robot. Any suggestions are welcome. If anyone has a picture that they don’t mind sharing please do. Thank you.

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When you are making a new thread make sure you put it in the right categories. As for the seesaw flywheel mechanism I have never heard of it. Do you have any pictures or videos so I can get a better idea of what you are talking about?


Welcome to the forums! While i would need a picture, this seems like some where you drop a. Disc onto a platform which then tips, or more of catapult.


@childeater5 I have edited your thread to place it into the correct Forum Category for your question. I believe you meant to place it into VEX IQ Technical discussion, as you have tagged ‘slapshot’. Please let me know if this is incorrect and I’d be happy to place it correctly for you.

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As I am right competing in IQ I know what you are talking about and this is some what a hard and a easy robot to build. Its just basically a seesaw but with a fly wheel, arm, and a hopper. Don’t over think the robot too much. Try to keep everything simple. The only thing you should worry about is the flywheel. It can take some time but at the end it is worth it

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We actually built the seesaw, but we think something is off…
I will post pictures here later


How did it go? We were working on this as well. Did you ever find a way to make the Fly Wheel a functional option for Slap Shot?

This topic has been dead for over a month, and one search on YouTube can show you if this is a viable design and if it actually works (spoiler alert: it does). Please don’t revive dead topics unless you have something valuable to add to the conversation.

Yes, it was quite effective and the only problem was the seesaw was too short