Selection Of DR4B or other lifts

We are having problems with our DR4B. We have put almost 8 hours of work into our lift over many practices, and the times we have rebuilt it, about five times, it has never worked. Should we determine with the challenging DR4B or should we select a different lift?

Challenge: 2019-2020 Tower Takeover

depends. if you post pictures of your dr4b we can probably tell you what you need to improve.

Personally I wouldn’t watch a tutorial on something I’m trying to figure out (I’m too stubborn), but here’s a good guide.

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Do not under any circumstances copy the shaft joints from this tutorial. Always use screw joints.


There’s a whole thread dedicated to that topic, don’t bring it into this poor souls thread.

His soul will be poorer trying to use shaft joints.


If you can rebuild a dr4b 5 times in under 8 hours then you are rushing it. I wouldn’t suggest switching to a different type of lift but you should definitely slow down and do some more research so you know how to build a better dr4b. There are many dr4b threads on the forums, take some time to read through them



Screw joints
Use all aluminum
Keep motors in the center part

Pics always help


Get some canned air you’re going to need it (I know from the loss of two motors)

You shouldn’t need it though…


Well then it’s time for a strongly worded talk with our builder

One of my intake roller motors blew out because it overheated (no I dint know how)