Server Maintenance

Not to be ‘that person’, but “overdue” and “security updates” should not be used in the same sentence, especially for a business-sponsored website that supports & promotes your core business.


I knew it would happen some day. Now both CD and VEX do not work on my original iPad Aire. (The CD up grade broke it
a few months ago. So sad, with the cool snapon keyboard, it’s like having a small iPad laptop.

Sorry, ‘Overdue’ was a poor choice of words. We were still well within the LTS security coverage provided by Ubuntu.


Looks like these are still actively rebuilding. I see yours came back, but other are still queued up. I was hoping they’d be done by now.

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Yeah I see other people’s pics coming back but I manually re-added mine

Hope to get mine back as I didn’t save the original pic.

I grabbed mine from waybackmachine

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Are they still rebuilding? I haven’t noticed significant progress since probably Saturday morning or so. Any chance you could grab the already built versions from the backup?

It’s still (slowly) optimizing the images – this includes any uploaded images, not just profile images.

Based on the new file names it’s creating, it doesn’t look like copying from the backup would help any.

Looking at the number of optimized images in the backup, this may take another day or two. :turtle:

As a few have already done, feel free to upload a new profile picture if you’re tired of waiting.


So looks like the images are lost?

Unfortunately, it looks like it.

I might recommend seeing if you can grab the photo off Wayback Machine if you don’t have the profile picture saved locally.

Our apologies, but the update to the forum software was a necesary one.


More concerningly it seems that all videos linked in old posts are now gone.
For example:

It seems to work just fine for me.

We think we might have a fix for this (it was applied to the post you linked, which is why that video now works).

Could take a while to run the fix completely. We’ll keep you all updated here.


Sorry to bring this up again, but vex forums for me still has some slight issues. Some of them are no big deal, such as topics I’ve read popping up as unread for no reason and my pending posts not formatting correctly. However, I tried to change my profile picture and it said Sorry, there was an error uploading image.jpg. Please try again. @Brandon_Martus are you informed of these issues? If it helps, I use a Pixel 6 Pro. Thank you for everything you do!

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Can you try a different image and see if it also gets an error?

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Yes, I have and it still gives me the error message.

I think I found where it was being blocked at our firewall. Give it another try, please.


It worked! Thank you so much!

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