Setting Brake Mode/Solenoid State While Disabled

Is it possible to change the brake modes of motors from coast to brake/hold while the robot is in a disabled state? (e.g. plugged into control tower before a match starts) Additionally, can the state of a solenoid be changed while the robot is disabled? Furthermore, would something like this be legal? I don’t have a robot nor a computer in front of me so I can’t test the former question, but I’m more so concerned about the latter question, since robots aren’t supposed to be able to be necessarily functional while disabled, aside from initializing sensors and what not. I know that it’s possible to extend a piston before plugging into a control tower, and even in the disabled state (after subsequently plugging into the control tower), the piston maintains its extended position, but I’m still curious as to whether or not that also means solenoids can receive input during this disabled period.

I believe that vexos sets all the braketypes to coast when the robot is disabled.
However, I know that solenoids, as with all 3 wire devices, are not disabled by vexos or the field control. And I’m pretty sure it would be possible to have solenoids activate during the disabled state autonomously if you told them to during pre-auton. Not sure if the robot can listen for controller inputs during disabled state so I’m unsure if you can manually control solenoids during that time.

I haven’t scoured the manual yet to see if this is legal, but my common sense tells me no, since robots aren’t meant to be moving while disabled.


I don’t believe this is possible, but if it is possible it would also be illegal by R27

Yes you can change the state a solenoid will be during the disabled period, but you can not change it during the disabled period.

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This was possible in a older firmware but was removed for whatever reason this season.

You can read more about it here.

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