Shooter, could be snail heads or the dome - which to build

Historically across the holiday break I steal a design, make some minor mods and make it the stalker bot for competitions.

Looking for a semishooter, on an x drive hexagon base. If I’m stealing a design, who am I building and why? Who has the META of this years meta? Remember I have below average build skills and limited access to parts.


simple but zoomin

I don’t know an exact team, but I would say… X drive, flex wheels somewhere in the intakes, pooper, and one of those mobile backboards.

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You don’t necessarily need an ejector. Especially if you don’t have time to tune it well. Making your rollers very fast (min 600 rpm shoot for the 1000’s) and adding a mobile backboard will help with cycle speed.

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if you want the most basic but competitive hoodbot with an x drive, then yeah 2602H is a good option. can’t get much simpler than that without having a simpler drive.

the backboard is optional, but helps.


Me too. I feel ya.


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