Shuttle Bus Service during Worlds


I might have missed it, but just couldn’t find it in the official website - VEX Robotics World Championship 2022

Will there be free shuttle bus service provided (as per previous in-person worlds) ?
It will make a big difference in our choice of accommodation and also the costing.

Would appreciate if anyone can point me to the right place to look for it.


I haven’t seen any announcement about this either. But unlike in Louisville, the convention center in Dallas is right downtown, looks like there are a lot more hotels within reasonable walking distance of the venue…


We also are curious about this, our hotel apparently does not offer a shuttle service from the airport to hotel and the hotel charges $18 a day for parking, so we are figuring what to do about transportation. any updates on the shuttle plans for VEX?

I believe that this was covered in the last town hall, but no there will not be a shuttle service to the convention center. It was pointed out above that many hotels are in walking distance, but Dallas also has great public transportation. The DART rail system converges on the convention center from many directions. Those flying in to DFW can hop the train at the airport and take it to the convention center and other downtown destinations. Those flying in to Love Field can take a bus transfer to the nearest rail station. Rides are $2.50 or $6 for a day pass. You can find the map here: - DART Rail System Map