Side park not counted because bot tipped over 5 seconds after the end of the match

Our team parked on the side but after the match ended and the referee got on the field and walked over to count the other team’s park, our robot fell off from the park. Is this supposed to be counted? The refs said it was not supposed to be counted because the robot is supposed to be able to be scored and they did not do anything excessive like jump on the field to affect it.

Technically the match is supposed to end “after all field elements and robots come to a rest”, so since your robot wasn’t “at rest”, there are two scenarios:

  1. The match was improperly scored as not all robots were resting
  2. The refs somehow influenced it

This is a weird grey area, but I would still agree with their call however, and your robot should be designed to park long enough to be scored (tough luck dude).


An acquaintance in robotics always amplified that scoring a whole lot more than the other team removed grey areas for them - just win :slight_smile:


Alright thanks appreciate it

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Was the robot still in motion after the match?

I don’t think so but it’s hard for the refs to count.