Simple Folding Latch Mechanism

Hey everyone. I remember seeing something on here before about a sort of latch to make sure that a folded piece could not refold after deployment. I’ve searched far and wide, but cannot find it again. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place?

Anyways, We need to have two c-channels be able to fold over onto each other, but once “opened” stay in the opened position (being that the c-channels are now in-line with each other to form one continuous piece). Is there any fairly simple latching mechanism that could be employed in this situation?

Please ask questions if you need more detail. I may have been a little vague.

I believe there was a bit of this discussion floating around during VRC TT (Tower Takeover)

Take a look at over the center locks.


My experience is a bit limited as I have not make many latching mechanism but generally it depends on how stiff you need this piece to be. I

f it needs to be really stiff then you would need a full on latching mechanism, which is something I haven’t personally built.

If it doesn’t need to be super stiff then if you just use a lot of rubber bands to fold out a piece.


Like the cap yeet arm on this robot? 590B - Cap Daddy: Vex Turning Point Late Season Reveal (The Fastest Weeb in the West) - YouTube


Maybe the Kepler Electronics video could help?


Thank you all for your help! It always amazes me how easy it is to get swift help and opinions on here.


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