Singapore teams - World 2016

Thought it will be nice to just drop a quick note on the travel (and prep) plans for Singapore teams.

We had just done away with our last scrimmage (on last Friday). It was a huge success. And most of the robots are ready for World.
8059 should be doing our reveal pretty soon (maybe by 15 or 16 Apr).

All the Singapore teams will be arriving at Louisville by 18 Apr night (finger-cross… no hold-ups at detention rooms or flight delays).

And I really want to take this opportunity to once again say a BIG thank you to EC3 (and Jason Neagle… sorry, I am not sure of your nickname in the forum) for hosting the Singapore teams on 19 Apr.

We are so grateful that they have opened up their fields for us to do our fine-tuning and of course for arranging a mini-scrimmage for us with some of the Kentucky powerhouse teams, eg. 6135, 2886, 4104, etc. It will be fun! :slight_smile:

And of course, we will be at the competition venue on 20 Apr. Do drop by and say hi to us.

I know I speak for everyone when I say I’m excited to see what you guys have this year. :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to stop by on Wednesday.

Are you connecting through LA? if so, what airline are you flying to Louisville?
I’m leaving that same day out of LAX!

We are stopping over at Narita, and then flying to Minnesota to take a connecting flight to Lousiville.
The entire trip takes us about 23.5 hours :frowning:

So I guess I shouldn’t complain about my 8 1/2 hour drive…

Yup… Count your blessings :slight_smile:

Every year, it is a contest between the Singapore and NZ teams to see who needs to travel the furthest or take the longest time to reach World.

Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you.

Looking forward to the scrimmages Tuesday at Early College Career Center in Elizabethtown, KY with 8059, 8068, 2886, 4104, and 6135 teams.

Just had our practice and mini-scrimmage at EC3.

And once again, I want to thank @vxrobomentor and EC3 for being such an excellent host.
The setup of the workshop and the fields are great. And @vxrobomentor even squeezed out some time from his busy schedule to explain certain robotics concepts and how certain gadgets work to the students.

And for those who are interested in the outcome of the scrimmage - it is not an official scrimmage. But the quality of the matches were outstanding.

And first off - a big thanks to 973G ( hope you find that it is worth your effort :slight_smile: ) for rushing down to EC3 to play a few matches with us.

The highlight of this scrimmage has to be the 3 matches of Science Division vs Engineering Division.
6135C and 8059A represented Science while 8059D and 973G represented Engineering.

I couldn’t remember the scores, but I dare say that all the matches were easily of Worlds elimination standard, and the win-lose results could have easily gone another way.
The intensity and ferocity of the matches were amazing. To give an idea of how fast-paced the games were - during the 1st two matches, there were no more balls at the open field within 21 sec of the driver controlled period.

Both 6135C and 973G are beasts in their own way. 6135C has one of the safest and best lifting mechanism around. And 973G was practically having a running battle with 8059A throughout the 3 matches.

Just a few personal thoughts of this season game - at the higher level matches, this season game is really intense. The teams literally need to scrap for every single balls. And every mistake will be punished.

Think it will be a great Worlds 2016 :slight_smile:

Does this mean the field was cleared, or the field was cleared/hoarded? Either way, we will be seeing some quick matches at worlds.

Open field as in the area that robots are free to roam about.
The balls were either scored or hoarded within 21 seconds.


Epic Day of VEX NBN to Kick Off Worlds week at EC3. Good luck to 8059, 8068, 973G, 2886, 4104, and the 6135 teams at VEX Worlds 2016!