Size Constraint when laying on the ramp for a Park

Hello Karthik -Sorry…another expansion question. I think I already know the answer, but just to be sure.

This is very similar to JayM’s “Size Constraint when intentionally leaning onto ramp”. We may have been at the same event.
In this case, a lift and dump robot fell on its backside. They were no longer on their drive tires and they** completely** covered the ramp from the top to the bottom. They used this backward drop as both a way too remove balls from the ramp and later as a park. Based on your answer for JayM’s post this is an expansion violation for removing the balls, but are they “gaining any protections” if they only use it as a method to park on the ramp?

It looked like this-

They legally pass inspection rules on a flat surface while on their “drive train” including the follow-through when they lift and dump.

Vex Forum.png

Robots may not expand beyond their 13"x20" size limitations. If a team is intentionally falling over and gaining an advantage by doing so, this would be a violation.