Size, maximum weight of the robot in Spin Up

My team has participated in a series of Vex V5 - Spin Up tournaments for the first time. I want to know the maximum size and weight of 1 robot in Spin Up competitions. Thanks!!!

You can check the Game Manual for any questions about rules. For your question, you should check rule <G4> for size limitations. However, the game manual says nothing about weight limitations. Because the manual only says what you have to do and what you can’t do, this means there is no limit on weight.


A few years ago, the question came up (Robot weight requirement - #13 by kmmohn) and figured out that about 1,300 lbs would be the heaviest robot you could build and be within the size restrictions of the game manual. But to be legal, it would have to be a bit lighter to make room for the minimum required electronics.


Your bot has to fit within a 18x18x18 inch square I don’t know if there is a weight limit but if you pass inspection you should be fine just don’t let the referee catch it.

They should make the size bigger and let us expand any time

you might want to give critical reasoning for your opinion.