Sizing Questions


We have a robot that is exactly at 13 inches wide. However, according the the Support Team for the Iowa Competition, we are not allowed to touch the walls of the 13" x 20" box they are using for sizing. We are concerned that this rule will now make our robot out of bounds. Is there a rule regarding the tolerance of the box?

Hello, VEX IQ Coaches and Teams,

We have received some feedback in response to our latest team communication. In particular, the section on inspections has prompted some questions/concerns. This email is to make sure that everyone has seen this information and understood it prior to the event: [INDENT]Robot Inspection Information
Please be advised that there will be a sizing box used at inspection during the U. S. Open. It will have interior dimensions of 13 inches by 20 inches, be 15 inches high and open at the top and bottom. Your robot must fit inside without touching the walls. If you have a mechanism that raises above 15 inches, you will be asked to move the mechanism to its full height while still in the box, without touching the walls of the box. If the robot fails this size test, it will not pass inspection.[/INDENT]
Below, for everyone’s benefit, is the response that we have been providing to those who have contacted us with their concerns: [INDENT]"…Regarding the inspection procedure that we will have in place at the U.S. Open, it is our understanding that this type of sizing box and inspection requirement will be in place at VEX Worlds. The size constraints are consistent with the VEX IQ game documents. Specifically, expansion beyond the 13" x 20" size is covered in rule G3, on page 8 of the VEX IQ manual, and again in rule R4 on page 11."[/INDENT] Thank you to everyone for your efforts and diligence as you prepare for this event. We are looking forward to seeing you all on on the 7th!

Best regards,
The CREATE Foundation Support Team

Robots must be able to fit within the given size constraints. The 13" x 20" rule is firm.