Skills Ranking Has Not Updated... (Re-VIQC-17-2286) - Unofficial

Any reason why does scores have not been posted yet? What happens if they are not posted by 3/13 even though the event was celebrated on 03/05? For team 7008B most likely it wont be a problem since 131 points from states should be enough to qualify them, but in the case of 7032A they are counting on their skills competition score to qualify for Worlds.

This question was posted in the “official” forum.

The answer is that events must have 16 teams to qualify, and that event only had four teams.

16 teams… even if it is a skills only event?

The event qualifying criteria also has a time limit:
“Held between June 1, 2016, and at least two weeks prior to the state/provincial/regional/national championship event, and no later than February 26, 2017. State/provincial/regional/national championship events must be held no later than March 12, 2017”

Steve Hassenplug is correct.
CRC, that is for full tournaments. Skills-only events can actually be run after. From the qualifying criteria document:

  • Skills Only events may be run after a state/regional/provincial/national championship as long as it occurs prior to March 13, 2017, and adheres to all other official qualifying criteria.
  • Skills Challenge rankings from all official events, including skills-only events, will be included in the VEX IQ World Skills Rankings on when the event includes the participation of a minimum of sixteen (16) registered teams. These rankings may be used to qualify teams for a state/provincial/regional/national championship.