Skyrise and Pneumatics

This year I believe that this year the GDC tried to level the playing field this year by limiting pneumatic tanks, the scoring object design and, how you can score but, I was wondering if anyone was using pneumatics this year for anything besides transmissions and skyrise section claws.

How about using pneumatics for the skyrise section manipulators other than a claw? :wink:

That is a good idea.

Some people may use pneumatics for cube intakes, that are either semi-passive where it passively picks the cube up and pneumatically releases it, or they could also be fully pneumatic.

The cyber pirates were thinking about using this, it needs some testing obviously first.

That was an idea near the beginning of the summer.

We’ve later decided to use pneumatics elsewhere.

What about 359a who used a pneumatic outtaking system

yeah, i have seen a few robots with a “dumping” capability, this allowed 359a them to outtake very quickly. Basically what happens is the tray that holds the cubes drops down and all they all slide out.

exactly what wee do. 55 point skills.

We used a single action piston as a brake/turn assist mechanism. Which you can see here in our auton. To look at it much closer in detail click here

There is a team (a wall bot thing) that drives around and then uses pneumatics to activate a brake that made them immovable.
I found the thread: It’s the 2nd post down.