Skyrise Videos

Have fond memories of Skyrise?

So do I…

1000+ VRC High school Qualifier & Elimination matches already uploaded.
VRC Middle School and VEX-IQ being loaded tonight.

A blast from the past!

Thanks so much! This brings back so many memories (good and bad


Please tell me you didn’t do this by hand.

By hand? Oh no - that would be too painful!

The matches on the video stream are identified and marked at a rate of 3-7 per minute - that’s semi-automatic. The video match descriptions come entirely from VEX’s CSV files. The video re-encoding and uploading are all done automatically via scripts. Azure cloud services were used to make it run faster. I used a 16 core Server CPU which resulted in ~ 300 match videos encoded and uploaded per hour. It’s actually pretty neat to watch everything run.

That’s pretty impressive! Are you planning on running this same process on any other Worlds livestreams?

The remaining Livestreams from Worlds 2015 will be done - there’s still Vex U and Finals left.
Unfortunately, the match data for Vex U is missing:
I’ve put a request in to get it fixed.

Beyond that, it’ll depend on their popularity & the community feedback for more.

The main focus will be doing Worlds 2017 - it’ll be cool to provide all the video for the individual matches right on the day of the match, which I think can be pulled off.

Just imagine - being able to see all a potential alliance partner’s matches before selecting them!

Im sorry but may i ask about what happened to matches around 105 for middle school spirit division.
Thank you for bringing me back so much memories

I only work from the original feeds -
For whatever reason, there are missing matches.
(however, if you do find it there, send me an email, and I’ll put it up).

Thanks for doing this! It’s great to look back and see the kids up close. From the audience, it’s so hard to get decent videos.