Slapshot Bot Idea - Fling but on its side?

Had this idea for a bot for slapshot and no one seems to have found it, so I’m either the first or dumb.

My idea is to have a choo-choo mechanism but instead of powering a catapult, it pushes a little block forward really fast. You could do this by adding another point of rotation to the choo choo and caging the block so it doesn’t fall out.

Lemme know if there’s any obvious design flaws cause frankly I can’t think of any (though I haven’t been able to test it out physically yet, robotics hasn’t started and my idea is just on paper).

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On YouTube there is an idea like that, but I think there are many videos proving that there are more efficient and much better strats than using a cho cho. I found it clear that using a T fling will be the biggest move in Vex Robotics. It was used in pitching in and now it will be definitely used in slap shot.


Brainstorming and planning now will make your time when you do get your parts more productive. Sketch it out on paper, perhaps CAD it out and when you are ready to test your design, you will be ready.


If you don’t know how to CAD or draw, you probably also have plenty of time to try to visualize every moving part and how it interacts with the rest of the robot in your head. It’s hard to picture clearly, but I think it helps you understand better, and it’s not like you can build anyway.

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