Slapshot META Discussion

Last season there was META discussion thread which I think helped many students decide what direction their teams should go with prior to State / Provincial / National tournaments as well as world’s.

So I would like to start up another thread as many teams are starting to refine or build or finalize their final robots.

So I will put a few polling questions which might be relevant to help teams decide. If you have any strong opinions or recommendations that can help other teams, please comment below.

Type of Shooter

  • Flywheel
  • Puncher
  • Rotating Lever or propeller
  • Pusher
  • Slider - Slide discs down a ramp
  • Other
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Type of storage

  • One Large Container that holds discs randomly
  • Multiple containers or secondary containers
  • Magazine - i.e. stores and organizes disc vertically
  • Corral - gathers and groups discs along the ground
  • Conveyor Holder - similar to Snapshot Herobot
  • Other
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  • 4 Omni wheels
  • 4 Traction wheels
  • 2 Omni 2 Traction
  • X drive
  • Kiwi Drive
  • Other
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Type of Indexer

  • Seesaw
  • Conveyor
  • Rotary
  • Magazine
  • Roller
  • Flapdoor
  • Other
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Storage Size

  • 1 dispenser worth of Discs
  • 2 dispenser worth of Discs
  • 3 dispenser worth of Discs
  • 4 dispenser worth of Discs
  • 5 dispenser worth of Discs
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Blue Dispenser Mechanism ( Back of dispenser refers to the part closest to robot starting position )

  • Pull down from the front
  • Lift up from the back
  • Insert lever mechanism from front and lift up
  • Other
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I am interest to see what others are doing. I hope this helps teams that are trying to figure out how to refine their robots.


PS: Please feel free to insert videos or photos of what you think will be META designs or META specific mechanisms.

I haven’t actually seen any robots that store 5 dispenser worth of discs so it’s pretty surprising to see 50% of the polling is storing 5 dispensers worth of disc. Care to share with others what kind of design those are?


Most people who cant clear the field dont realize that its more efficient to store 3 dispensers worth of disks.

Double puncher with roller and purple dispenser storage with 2 large mags

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Keep in mind that with 4 omni-wheels, programming will be quite difficult with the drifting.

Also, with a puncher, you have more control over where the discs go with minimal clogging.

Seesaw flywheel bot with 2 motor spinner/flywheel, 2 containers (one for blue, no motor mech that holds purple and a seesaw for yellow)

That was my impression before also but after seeing the top skills teams using 4 omni wheels in their robots at world’s last season, I am rethinking that is a drawback. My kids are trying both drivetrains this season to test which is actually better for auto.

I am seeing a lot of seesaw designs at my kids’ tournaments. Is it truly the “best” solution? Or is it becoming the meta just because there is a lot of online content around that concept? What is the main aspect of that concept that makes it good? Interested to see what others think. My kids decided to do a reverse engineering of that design just to see how it compares to their current design.

I am going to put it out there, most likely the puncher is going to be meta. I have been in touch with 6699Z(First in the world) they got great scores with the flywheel but they said if they could improve auton if they have a puncher. My new robot for worlds is a puncher and our team has been using the same puncher mech for the entire season. It’s working great for us. We are getting 255 skills 120 auton. Puncher just needs fine tuning, and that really it. The other big con is the puncher jams like 10% of the time. Our team started realizing when it could jam and just shoots all the disks before it gets jammed.


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