Small Ball High Goal Scoring Amount

My team and I believe that the big ball in the high goal has become… unbalanced, “overpowered” so to speak. I understand that it is meant to be worth more points, but I think that it would be an improvement if the small ball in the high goal was worth five points, instead of three. The big ball would still be worth eight, and still be worth three more than the small ball, while rewarding the amount of effort it took to make robots like ours that can put four small balls in the high goal really take to make.

James Nicholson,
Activist against the use of fake programming like Modkit,
Team 10192S: Vibots IQ
Robot: Plastic Shogun

Hi James,

Thanks for the input and analysis. Our policy in the VEX IQ Challenge is not to make any major rules changes after the game has been released for one month. The deadline for changes for the 2013-14 season was June 1st.

Thank you for replying, I hope this will help improve next year’s challenge at least.

You’re welcome!