Small update of SnapCad/LDCad for VEX library

A long time without updates… the wait is over, a few new parts for Snapcad/LDCad for VEX are now available! Get them here.



Hi Philo,

We are teaching SnapCAD in classroom and couldn’t find below parts available, could you add them in?
I used to get some missing parts from LDcad then uploaded in SnapCAD but in this case I couldn’t find in both.

  1. 228-2500-044
  2. 228-2500-1698
  3. 228-2500-2003
  4. 228-2500-2018


What is 228-2500-044? 4x10 Plate? I have never seen it IRL, but 4x10 Plate would be quite simple to create by editing 228-2500-045.dat
Extra educational value if you can get a student do that, the file is textual, format documented and the structure obvioius enough for a middle school student to figure it out.
(I have even had elementary students defining a very simple part from scratch - just 4 walls of a sizing box)

The other parts? Fancy kits you have :slight_smile:

Ninik, Honestly I’m not sure the way you are suggesting, editing 228-2500-045.dat, do you mean to cut it to 4x10? If so which program? I don’t see either LDcad or SnapCAD can do this?
Do yo mean to cut it in Solid Work or Inventor and save as .dat? Thanks,

Open it in a text editor. You’ll see for yourself.

Attached (as zip, can’t upload a .dat file) is a fake 4x11 plate (i.e. I have only trimmed one side). You can compare the contents of the file with 228-2500-044.dat from your installation to see how I changed it. One more hint: ‘0’ at the start of line means comment.
Full specification of the file format at (691 Bytes)