SnapCAD vs Solidworks and Inventor

I have made a few models on SnapCAD and I want to open the models on Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor. Currently, I am unable to do that and I was wondering if there was a way to do that. I don’t want to start the entire model again. I think the issue is the format of the file but I don’t know what to do.

To get a better understand the various options for our Students, I put together a basic drive train in SnapCad. The I tried to open that model in Fusion360, but wasn’t able to open the fully assembled SnapCAD models. So I had to start again from scratch, which was a good education in the differences between both packages. We settled on SnapCad for our younger students, it seemed to be the right level for them.

I would assume AutoDesk Inventor and Solidworks are also unable to open an entire assempled SnapCAD model directly, but I would check with someone who knows more specifics on those packages.

For Fusion360, Inventor & Solidworks, you can grab the STEP files you’d use here:

Thank you sir/madam
​I find SnapCAD quite easy (I think I am too old for that) and the others are quite challenging. So far, I have been trying to rebuild everything on autodesk and, it has proven to be a tricky task so far

Have you tried Robot Mesh Mimic? It doesn’t have as many VEX parts as SnapCAD nor is it compatible with professional CAD programs like Fusion/Inventor/Solidworks, but I found it quite intuitive to quickly snap together a design concept… and it has the the added capability of being able to be programmed like the real robot and Run in a simulated environment/competition field (like a free version of Robot Virtual World). Our teams have been doing all our designs and testing using Robot Mesh.