So many chit chat threads…

Wow. Someone with a suspended account: I wonder if he still lurks the forums in the shadows, maybe he’s conducting warfare by creating all these threads: a possible botnet?

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what? The person probably has better things to do than this…


What leads you to believe it is a person behind this and not a collection. Just an idea based on the conversation in one of the threads he was in

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Oh the irony…

You start a thread complaining about people spamming the forums and being unproductive, yet you are one of the main offenders.

Look at the post I quoted above. It added nothing productive to the conversation. If you were trying to be funny, it didn’t work. I didn’t find it amusing, and considering nobody has yet liked it, it appears I am not the minority.

This isn’t a one time occurrence either. You frequently reply with post like this as well.

On your time on the forum so far, you have created 343 posts. On those posts, you have received 263 likes. That is a rather low like to post ratio at about 0.7 likes per post. And while likes aren’t everything, they are certainly a decent indicator of what the community thinks of you. People who I would consider productive members of the community have much higher ratios, over 5 likes per post.

Part of the reason I think many people have “better” ratios are, because they think before they post. They ask themselves if their post helps further the conversation and make sure they aren’t being repetitive. Or if it is in a chit-chat thread, it is genuinely funny.

I’m not trying to single you out as I know there are other users who spam, but please, make sure your posts are actually useful in some way. Posting things like this don’t help your cause:


Can we start banning for horrific spelling errors? Grammarly is a free extension.

Edit: even if you’re on a school system that bans any sort of extension, you can go here and still get checked by Grammarly for errors. Really no excuse.


Same here. It’s not really that hard; you just have to come often and post stuff more useful than @Jonny_Tan, @Butternubs, or @enothecool, which anyone can (no offense, Jonny Tan).

Some ideas for keeping people from becoming regulars by spamming the chit-chat threads:

  • You need X hearts/post created in the last 100 days. (Hearts and posts more than 100 days ago don’t count.)
  • Visiting/reading posts in/time spent in/posting in/creating Chit-Chat / Rumor Mill threads doesn’t count toward your requirement, like hearts in DMs don’t count toward your heart requirement.
  • You need X solutions in the last 100 days.
  • You need X solution/post in the last 100 days. (Solutions and posts more than 100 days ago don’t count.)

Or you could grant Regulars the power to merge topics but not to rename, etc. them, so we don’t have

And you wouldn’t have ten topics a month all about the same PID problem since Regulars could merge them.


i would like to point out that in the month of april, you have made about 110 posts, 58 of which were made in Chit-Chat / Rumor Mill threads (or spin up predictions because those are what i would consider a Chit-Chat / Rumor Mill thread). if you want the amount of chit chat threads or spam to go down, it might be best to not contribute to the threads/ spam. (i was also going to point out the like to post ratio, but it looks like @9MotorGang has already done that)


I am in trouble… I am only getting a ratio of 2.4 likes per post :stuck_out_tongue:

But on a serious note - i do agree with all that you have mentioned, especially about thinking through before posting and aiming to be a productive member, etc :slight_smile:


So you started a thread (that should be categorized under chit-chat) complaining about chit-chat threads…

If you don’t want to see so many, don’t contribute. Also, I don’t see an issue with chit-chat threads as long as they are original. The problem, in my eyes at least, is spammy, miscategorized (like this post probably shouldn’t be V5 General Discussion since it has nothing to do with robotics), or duplicate threads. Take that how you will.


make a factor that limits the amount of topics you can post/ and or post on to prevent spam (maybe this is already in place idk haven’t been here for a bit of time)

I put it under V5 general because it wasn’t a joke thread and just talking it’s about a real problem. Don’t confuse me with someone who wants the elimination of chit chat threads, but the problem is the sheer amount of them. I don’t know why me making a thread addressing it is somehow “adding to the problem”, that point is just bad.

Doesn’t mean it should be categorized under V5 General Discussion…
V5 General Discussion is for topics about VEX V5, in general, not about the forum. Chit-chat threads don’t all have to be joke threads either.


Not true. Getting more likes per post means you say things that people find entertaining more than helpful. I am certainly not productive here most of the time.


Pot calling the kettle for lots of you? I couldn’t care less about Chit Chat threads, it is the other forum threads (wrong location, duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate, pentaplicate, etc.) that I have a hard time with.

You can all help by

  1. Being a good example
  2. Do a quote of the question, respond in the right place and then DM the poster where to go for the answer. This helps corral topics into one thread (umm like the Worlds Thread?)
  3. When someone posts a question and then there is a post saying “Hey see this post over here” RESIST THE IMPULSE TO ANSWER ANYWAY. Be helpful in the other thread.

Thanks from someone that’s been here since it was a VBulletin site!


You might’ve misinterpreted what chit-chat threads are used for then. It’s to talk about vex-related things that don’t fully fit in one of the categories already made. While they often are less serious, plenty of chit-chat threads are not fully joking


Welcome to Twitter guys


Can’t tell if you’re referring to me by this statement. If you are, then I have no clue what you’re talking about, considering I’ve posted about the amount of threads and how i wish it was easier to find people who need help on the forums and have no answers instead of just chit chat.

I’ll participate in memes, cursed images, and sometimes I’ll go into other random threads and say something. Doesn’t mean that i wouldn’t rather see more serious threads. If 110 posts were made, then that means 52 were from normal threads, which I think is a decent ratio considering that a large portion of the chit chat were from only three threads.

This thread was over when Jpearman responded to me, saying that the forum is in cycles, don’t know why this thread keeps going.

I get 3.3 :neutral_face:. I guess i’m not productive

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On a Serious note, I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary hostility in this thread that I think could be avoided.


Sorry, not directly you, congrats on your Cake Day yesterday (4/26) and your stats

27 topics created

346 posts created

against mine (Nov 2013) Some days none, some days more (3100 days) . So your stats match mine.

418 topics created

3.9k posts created
for those of you that want to know where you are on the list of posters. You can sort the items to find the high points.

(it’s nice to see @Karthik still lurks here :slight_smile:

It’s a feature, you are good with the answer, and there really isn’t anything else to say, so it should be closed. But people want the last word (hey look at me typing this in!!) Do what I do “Hey @DRow, I’m happy with the answer, looks like this thread has run it’s course, can you lock it” and he closes it off.

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