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Hey! I’m trying to start a robotics club at my school, we have some old Vex (“VexNet 8021.11g”), currently the software on our computers is from 2013 (RobotC 4.0), I’m wondering if there is any newer/better software I should get instead. Also any tutorials or tips on getting started would be helpful, thanks! If anyone has suggestions for other helpful resources such as lessons, cad software, etc, that would be great too!

For those devices, there is a newer version of Robot C ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.x (VEX Cortex & VEX IQ) - VEX Robotics

The hardware brain/controllers are no longer competition legal. It’s the new V5 system and software for it can be found here

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Just clarifying the old hardware is not illegal to own, just not valid for competition anymore. :grinning:


Yep! I’m just using these to learn more about coding and the basics of these robots. Thanks!


You could also use a different software PROS which could be used with any IDE

cortex = jail


Hi the OP is new here. They have gotten some good answers. You jumped in with a pretty short and confusing post.

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this was a joke. hope that clears up any confusion!


It was a good joke :smiley:

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