Sole Team in Region Qualification Question

A friend of mine and I got into a discussion about the world championship and qualifying for it. It then led to them realizing that if a team is the sole team from their country/region, as long as they compete in an event they get an automatic world qualification. This soon led to us questioning the lengths teams could take to take advantage of this.

So, simply put, if a team member has an “address” in a foreign country with no VEX teams (vacation house, family members’ place/business, etc), would it be legal for them to register their team for that location without living/competing there full time? And if not, are there any provisions in place to prevent teams from doing this?


That is an amazing amount of work to go through. Wouldn’t it just be easier to build a better robot?


Well, some regions have too little spots/ are too competitive so in this case it would be easier to register to another location for the guaranteed qualification than to vy for it normally.

I’m almost certain that recf is highly involved when regions formerly not doing vrc start doing it, and would definitely figure out what you were trying to do and shut it down.


Well, this is partially true, but I have heard of people moving to new countries who have done vex before and then starting a new team. As a matter of fact, I heard a story of a kid who did VRC in CA as a middle schooler, and started a new private team when he moved alongside his family to Japan (High Voltage is the name I believe). People moving because of their parents’ jobs is not unheard of so not that unbelievable of a story.

Plus, where should the like be drawn? Should all new teams in regions that have previously never had a team go through a vetting process to verify their identity/location, or should this be a case-by-case basis. Also what if the team member frequents this “address” (like if it is a summer home of frequent vacation spot)?

trying to start a team in your country of residency because you want to participate in vrc is different than trying to start a team in a country that does not currently do vex, which you do not have a permanent residency in, for the sole purpose of getting a free worlds spot.

I’m sure the recf already is very involved when new regions are added to the competition, and something like this wouldn’t pass.


Once you’re going down this rabbit hole of trying to find every loophole of qualifying for Worlds, you’re missing the point.


Yet what if the team has the necessary means to “prove” the team’s residency/location?

Also, what if the team registers in a location that is pretty involved in other robotics competitions, like Israel which has a pretty intense FRC season with Districts? Where would the RECF draw the line there? Does the inherent level of national participation of robotics competitions make a new team’s identity more suspicious?

you made me smile :slight_smile:

as for gaming the system - I would refer that team to RECF Code of Conduct - if you going to that extreme to game the system, sure sign of no sportsmanship…


But what if a team is anticipating a move to a new country and preemptively registers their team in that country (ie, family may move to Belize for father’s work, kid has private family based VEX team, likely change in residence prompts new team location on robotevents, so on and so forth)? What would happen if the team gets the spot but the move is cancelled?

Literally, gaming system for its intended purpose.

Legit is country that had NO events, registered team, and then traveled to foreign country to represent country.

I know of one, hosted them, and they reciprocated.

For your case, registration is based on current country at time of registration, not what if scenario. Iff you move, then register again as new team.

Yet wouldn’t it make sense to just register one team, and to the location that makes the most sense? Like if I knew I was moving with my family to a new country, it would make more sense to do this rather than to register 2 teams (money and logistic wise).

By the way, this is all thought experiment between me and a teammate based on a conversation we had. I have no intention of doing anything mentioned in this thread, just wanted to get community opinion on it.

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Well if I am in residing in US and actively competing, but register in future country … will raise lots of red flags.

This edge case does not mean violation of code of conduct by default, but best course of action is to contact ReCF regional support team as soon as possible to inform of this.

In our case, to make foreign country work at our event, there had to be a Robot Event kludge to allow it. so for a brief time, that region appeared to be part of ours to make it work. all good in RE now!

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You mean the ENTIRE team is relocating to a same country that has no existing VRC teams?

Not sure how likely is that…


What if there is a legit team from a country that does not do VEX, but they have one or two team members in another country e.g. the USA who regularly send CAD and code and collab on digital design notebook. The entire team then unite at Worlds. This would be unfair but I don’t see anything wrong with it except the team missing the point of teamwork and education.

Let’s look at the definition of team in the manual.

Teams may be associated with schools, community / youth organizations, or groups of neighborhood Students.

I am pretty sure when RECF mentioned community and neighborhood, they don’t mean global community.

And I might be skeptical or cynical here, but I still think OP is trying to look for loopholes to go for worlds.


Once again, I don’t advise this or want this to happen, but I wonder how the RECF or EPs police this. I doubt people would ask every member where they are from.

You need an adult to register a team for HS and MS.
So you will need to convince your teacher or mentor to agree to try to break rules.

And if it is like what the OP was suggesting - setting up a new team in a region with no existing VRC team at all, then I am very sure the RSM will be contacting the mentor to see if any help is needed.

And if you are looking at small regions, then the chances are the EP would know all the mentors in the region.

PS… if you think your chances to qualify for worlds will be higher in small region, then i do welcome you to my region. I really don’t mind adding a few more teams into my region :slight_smile:


I understand asking the question, but follow up questions should be “is this currently a problem?” and “if this happened could we deal with it then, and would there be no lasting consequences of responding rather than preempting?”
I believe the answers are “no” and “yes” so I suggest not taking too much time to worry about it. If it starts to happen, then someone can respond.

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