SolidWorks part library

Does anyone have/know of an up-to-date part library for VEX (hopefully with V5 parts). I have only been able to find inventor ones that are up to date and converting all the parts takes a while. I can only find older solid work files. Thanks

The older solidworks files will work with current SW versions. SW will convert them to the current format the first time you save your assembly. Nothing in the structure and motion has really changed. Wheels, a bit with the HS hubs. And the 12 tooth HS gear. If I can find some time tomorrow, I’ll see about pulling the CAD into my SW at work and uploading them somewhere, at least into 3d content central.

Here’s a SW2017 Solidworks file for the V5 Smartmotor. I’ll do the other V5 parts over the next few days. (12.9 MB)

Thank you so much!

Here’s the V5 brain and the Vision Sensor (14.7 MB) (26 MB)

Solidworks file for the V5 battery is attached. (6.46 MB)